Stafford Herald – Mission Statement

The Stafford Herald was set up to create a community focal point that would bring the disparate groups, businesses and events that make Stafford such a vibrant town under one roof. Its mission aim is to enable not only business-to-business networking and co-operation but also be a platform for business-to-customer and customer-to-business interaction. We have three main objectives:

  • Connect local organisations with each other and consumers
  • Promote local heritage, culture, and enterprises
  • Improve community cohesion and co-operation to strengthen diversity and the economy

Stafford has a wide range of organisations and independent businesses. These groups have done impressive things but have been limited to their own narrow scope and networking. The Stafford Herald was started to unite the many organisations in one central hub that would be able to offer support, networking, and exposure all under one banner.

In recent years, there has a push towards town living and a government-led drive to make our high streets digital, but there is no thought as to how this will affect independent traders. Now, more than ever, we need to recognize the rising numbers of people becoming self-employed. These small and micro businesses form an essential part of the economic fabric of a town but these days they’re struggling to compete with the mega-retailers and digital marketplace. Therefore, we need to be exploring the ways that we can use social media and digital technology to link with the actual experience of socialising, browsing, and spending in Stafford, focusing on its shops, eateries, and services.

Independent traders are only a piece of what builds a successful community. Charities, societies and other social enterprises alongside local institutions and media are just as essential. Traders are often the focus of many community endeavours and in Stafford there are variety of groups and organisations attempting to help and unify them. However, focusing solely on business narrows the effectiveness of the endeavours. The Stafford Herald wants to take a more holistic approach, creating a space to grow strong connections

We need to provide a self-help virtual and physical space for businesses, groups and projects to promote themselves and the opportunities they offer to residents, workers and visitors to the Borough. This space will allow different kinds of enterprises including commercial, cultural, creative, community, health and wellbeing, and diversity to each have a space, balancing and complementing each other.

We need to build a strong community. One that proudly and actively supports its local businesses and local heritage. They are an important part of any local community as they impact the local economy. This means more money available to be spent by local people at local events, on local goods and on local causes.

We need to promote Stafford as a great place to live, work and visit, as a great place for people of all ages and backgrounds and as a vibrant and creative place, through an unaffiliated, unbiased presentation of the diverse range of events and activities available in the town and Borough.

The Stafford Herald will do this by providing residents and visitors to Stafford with the business, projects and services that they most need and want. It will be comprehensive free-to-list directory of businesses, charities, not-for-profits, community groups and working groups in the town. It will be a Virtual Signposting space, a one-stop shop where people can find the people to answer their questions, or the organisations that can help them, on current and ongoing personal and community issues.