Stafford Eats: Take Out to Help Out

Stafford Eats: Take Out to Help Out

Stafford Eats

Take Out to Help Out

Move over Deliveroo, there’s a new app in town

What’s your idea of a busy weekend? Bit of Saturday shopping? Playing taxi for the kids? Sunday in the beer garden? Well, for Adam Corfield, it’s sat in front of the laptop, ensuring that all systems are a-go on his new community venture.

This wasn’t always the case. Pre-lockdown, Adam’s busy weekend might have been piloting a long-haul flight to America or squeezing in a bit of family time, but all that changed in March 2020 when the world came to a standstill. With almost every flight grounded, Adam found himself facing redundancy and, having no way of getting back into the air, he suddenly had quite a lot of time on his hands. An old aspiration crept back into the forefront of his mind; Adam had long wanted to start a food-related business but with the long-haul flight schedule and a young family at home, there had just never been the time. Now, he had nothing but time.

“I’m just trying to provide as much support as possible to as many places as possible.”

What is Stafford Eats?

At its most basic, Stafford Eats is a food delivery app, but Adam believes it has the potential to be far more than that.

The software was designed by UK company Local Eats, who, like Adam, are hoping to help build local communities by providing a platform to rival international corporations like Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat. They want to help eateries, grocers, butchers and other food-related companies to reach people in their local area without having to pay huge commissions to these corporations.

For Adam, this is an essential part of his decision to set-up the organisation. He wants to keep Stafford money in Stafford and plans to re-invest in the community, with donations into Stafford not-for-profits such as youth clubs, arts groups, and local charities. Stafford Eats was born from his dream of a food-related business combined with his drive to support local businesses and strengthen the local community. In his own words, “I’m just trying to provide as much support as possible to as many places as possible.”

How Stafford Eats is Supporting Local

For the first week following the launch of Stafford Eats on Wednesday 5th May, Adam donated 20p of every order to Stafford-based homeless charity, House of Bread. He hopes to be able to fundraise for a new local charity on a regular basis, spreading the donations rounds to as many of our amazing not-for-profits as possible. In addition to this, as Stafford Eat grows, it will also create jobs such as drivers and social media managers, which in turn will enable Stafford Eats to offer more opportunities to its users.

As part of his commitment to moving people over to the app, for the first three weeks, Adam offered 10% off every restaurant out of his own pocket. Even though this meant the business would make a loss, he thought it was an important promotion to show how serious he is about his support for local. He also hoped to encourage people away from the bigger apps that the Covid-19 restrictions have forced restaurants to use, despite the large commission rates. These rates have forced businesses to up their prices in order to still make enough money to keep their businesses afloat. However, with many local people also feeling the pinch, these raised prices have been a double-edged sword. The restaurants therefore are also keen to move people over to the cheaper Stafford Eats – so much so that most of them added discounts of their own!

Other Benefits of Going Local

Alongside smaller commission fees, Stafford Eats can include businesses that might be overlooked by larger companies, such as Tinklers and Aston Mill Farm Butchers and the Seasons Veg Box. They’ve even recently been able to include a local family business, Portions Caribbean Kitchen. This tiny business offer a selection of Jamaican dishes freshly made each week on a pre-order basis and a traditional roast every Sunday. Because orders must be made 48 hours in advance, Portions Caribbean Kitchen could never be part of the fast-paced mega food apps, but Stafford Eats can provide an adaptable platform to support them.

Adaptable is one of the main advantages of local, in Adam’s opinion; an opinion that was validated in just the first week. During their first weekend, Adam spotted a glowing review from one local user, ecstatic at finding vegan choices at the Chinese restaurant, Tiger Bowl. Noticing that many people who ate vegan or lactose-free diets were responding to the review about their struggle to find vegan options in Stafford, he mentioned it to the Tiger Bowl owner.  Within 24 hours, the Tiger Bowl had produced an entirely new vegan menu, exclusive to the Stafford Eats app. Adam hopes this will be a precedent for other amazing local deals, promotions and exclusive menus for Stafford Eats.

So where can you find this amazing app?

You can download it from the Apple app store for iPhone or Google Play for Android. Alternatively, you can order online at But it’s not just orders that will help this service thrive; the people of Stafford need to know it exists! So like them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram, share their posts and most importantly, tell your friends! Let’s give ‘Take Out to Help Out’ a Stafford twist!

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