Calmer Classrooms

Having been. teacher for many years Kate Beddow knows all too well the stress and anxiety present in the education system. She decided to combine her skills as a teacher with her understanding of mindfulness, meditation and wellbeing to create a range of online resources for teachers and families.

All her resources are instantly downloadable and range from a whole school wellbeing and mindfulness programme to individual lesson plans based around popular topics and stories.

She is also available to deliver training for staff and for workshops with the children on anything your school requires around wellbeing.

Of course all these resources are equally relevant for families and community groups, such as Brownie, Cubs, sports clubs etc.

It is her dream to teach all children some basic wellbeing and mindfulness techniques to enable them to manage their own stress levels long before they ever need those skills. These are tools for life and the younger we are taught them the calmer and more contented our lives will be.

Please do get in touch if you feel your school or group would benefit from some support or check out my website for more information.

Calmer Classrooms provide high quality wellbeing, mindfulness and meditation resources and training for schools around the world.