Kate Beddow - Wellbeing Superhero

Kate has been working with women for over 10 years now to support them during transition times (becoming a mother, changing career, children becoming more independent, grief etc). Using a combination of mindfulness, energy healing and life coaching Kate helps women find balance and rediscover their passions when life gets in the way.

Whether you are looking for one to one support, group coaching or just some products to help you on life's adventure, Kate is there for you.

Kate also works with local charities (CCPA and Terrible Titties) providing wellbeing support for their members and families online, and when possible, in person.

All Kate's services are available online and are just as effective learned or experienced that way.


"Inspiring and totally unique approach. Highly recommended. I love the positive energy and what Kate is teaching here." 

Theresa Cheung (author and spiritual academic)




Mindfulness and meditation teacher, life coach, energy healer, Reiki Master and all round Super Woman, helping you re-discover your super powers.