Stafford Herald

A community-focused organisation to help build ties between businesses, residents and non-profits.

3 years ago, the Stafford Herald was set up to create a community focal point that would bring the disparate groups, businesses and events that make Stafford such a vibrant town under one roof. Its mission aim is to enable not only business-to-business networking and co-operation but also be a platform for business-to-customer and customer-to-business interaction. We have three main objectives:

·        Connect local organisations with each other and consumers

·        Promote local heritage, culture, and enterprises

·        Improve community cohesion and co-operation to strengthen diversity and the economy

Stafford has a wide range of organisations and independent businesses. These groups have done impressive things but have been limited to their own narrow scope and networking. The Stafford Herald was started to unite the many organisations in one central hub that would be able to offer support, networking, and exposure all under one banner.

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