Shop Small and Save with Cup a Cha

Shop Small and Save with Cup a Cha

Shop Small and Save

Cup a Cha’s Rewards Initiative to Aid Stafford Businesses

free afternoon tea? Well, if you insist!

Cup a Cha, an independent tearoom on North Walls in Stafford, has set up a rewards scheme with 18 other local independent companies. They are hoping to boost their business after covid-restrictions forced them to close or affected their sales. The scheme will allow people to get stamps at Cup a Cha every time they spend with an independent in the scheme. The stamps will be valid for a range of free items depending on the number of stamps, from a cup of coffee up to a whole afternoon tea!

Who are Cup a Cha?

In the five years since it opened, the award-winning Cup a Cha has become a staple of Stafford town centre, well-loved by locals for its friendly atmosphere, tasty menu and, of course, its royal paraphernalia. Speaking to the owner, Amy Walsh, I discovered that the royal theme, now a key part of Cup a Cha brand, was actually not a planned one!

Cup a Cha Tearoom Sign

When her grandmother passed away, Amy inherited her collection of royal crockery. As memorial to her, she decided to showcase it within her new tearoom. However, only 7 months after opening, Cup a Cha was the victim of a break-in and sadly, among the damage was her grandmother’s crockery. When their regular customers heard of the crime, they began to donate royal crockery to replace the collection. The donations came thick and fast until Amy had even more than she had started with! This influx of community support was the first step on the journey to becoming the Cup a Cha that Stafford knows and loves. Since then, the tearoom has collected over 700 pieces, has received 14 letters from members of the royal family and, in March 2019, it was awarded a royal seal of approval from the Royal Cabinet Office.

Where did the Shop Small and Save initiative come from?

Like most businesses in the hospitality industry, Cup a Cha has found the past year very difficult. However, after 6 months of closed doors, they finally opened their doors on 17th May. Amy is now looking at the rest of 2021 with hope and wants other small business to feel the same way. Knowing that many local independents had been facing the same trials she had, she took it upon herself to find some way to support them. It started with ‘Cup a Cha Loves’ – a social media campaign highlighting local companies that she wanted to support. This was a great success but Amy knew that social media campaigns can only do so much. After all, not everybody is on social media and, as anyone who has used the many platforms from Facebook to Tiktok will know, its effect is ephemeral.

Wanting to make a more lasting impact, Amy put her thinking cap on and so Shop Small and Save was born. She handpicked businesses who she’d trusted and asked them to join the rewards scheme. The best part? It costs them nothing to sign up! Yep, that’s right, Amy doesn’t want the businesses to pay Cup a Cha a penny; she just wants to help.

So how does the Shop Small and Save reward scheme work?

It’s simple! If you use any of the business in the scheme, whether you spend £1 or £10, take your receipt to Cup a Cha and you will get a stamp. Each stamp you collect is worth a little bit more so you can choose to redeem a stamp right away or add more of them to claim bigger rewards. There’s 6 rewards in total, starting with a free drink with one stamp then going through a free cake, a free sandwich, a £5 spend, a £10 spend and, as the piece de resistance, 6 stamps can be exchanged for a free afternoon tea.

So which independent Stafford businesses are a part of the scheme?

You can find all the businesses involved in the scheme in the list below:

Hair & Beauty

  • Barbara Pointer Facial Aesthetics and Medi Spa
  • Amour Hair Studio Stafford
  • Live & Let Dye
  • Oh, Honey Salon & Academy

Arts, Crafts & Design

  • Design by Hogan
  • Decor Designs by Carol
  • B’s Clothing and Gifts
  • Laser Impressions UK
  • The Quirky Emporium
  • Rainbow in the Skye
  • Marked One Tattoo Studio

Food & Drink

  • Slater’s Bar & Handcrafted Ales
  • Bear Hut Brownies
  • Kenny’s Sports Bar


  • Time to Float
  • Twinkle Bookworms
  • The Door Company Stafford
  • Salter Street Toys and Models

You can find out more about all these business by heading to Shop Small and Save page on Cup a Cha’s website, where they explain what each business does, including contact details as well as links to their websites and social media pages.

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