Tiger Feat for Stafford – National Award for Positive Impact

Tiger Feat for Stafford – National Award for Positive Impact

Tiger Feat for Stafford

National Silver Award for Postive Impact

Tiger Bowl Chinese Restuarant has won national acclaim for its lockdown initiatives

The 20/21 SME National Business Awards were held at the Wembley Stadium on 28th of July (Wednesday). Stafford’s own Tiger Bowl Chinese takeaway was the only business which was nominated from Staffordshire County. They were finalists for two accolades; ‘Business Hero’ and ‘Positive Impact’ from which they won the silver award for Positive Impact.

What are the SME National Business Awards?

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are businesses whose personnel numbers are 250 employees or less. SMEs are also said to be responsible for driving innovation and competition in many economic sectors. The SME National Business Awards are made up of 18 categories that allow any successful business in the UK to enter these prestigious awards. All entries are judged by up to 4 of our national panel of judges.

Tiger Bowl Shop Front

Why was Tiger Bowl nominated?

Tiger Bowl became a household name in Stafford during the lockdown because it adopted the idea of “keeping the community at the heart of everything we do” and the return on that investment has been great since then. Sajith Jayaweera, the managing director and owner, believes that every business has the responsibility to give something back to the community. With this in mind, Tiger Bowl launched Project Victory and Project Terrace, respectively contributing to the wellbeing of the community and keeping the community engaged.

Project Victory

This project was initiated throughout 2020 under three stages. The Spirit of Giving Back Initiative has fed 800 key-workers, including NHS, police and care home staff, who kept the community safe during the tough times.

The Championing Recognition Initiative was focusing on silent heroes in our community. Teachers, neighbours, local food bank owners, and small non-profit organisers were nominated by Staffordians and Tiger Bowl short-listed 12 community champions whose families were then treated with food and champion trophies.

The Community Lighthouse stage of the project issued £500 worth of vouchers to Tiger Bowl customers to spend at the Waggon & Horses Local Pub which reopened with table service before the second lockdown. This was with the intention of helping another local business to stand on its feet.

Finally, the Journey of Goodwill was initiated. It donated £90 worth of food vouchers to one of the community champions who was raising money for Katherine House Hospice through a raffle. Under the same initiative, Tiger Bowl conducted a poll to get votes from its customers for a charity of their choice. The greatest number of votes was given to Help for Heroes, to whom Tiger Bowl donated £500!

Project Terrace

This was initiated to keep the community engaged. Tiger Bowl started a Chilli Volcano Challenge when the first lockdown restrictions were eased. And six contenders took on the spiciest chillies in the world and the winners were awarded with £50 worth of Tiger Bowl vouchers. It was so successful, they are going for round two this year! However, to give an opportunity to not-chilli-heads, they started a disgusting food challenge with knowledge quizzes. Four contenders took on the challenge and the winners were awarded with £50 worth of food vouchers.

No Charity Box and No Offers

Tiger Bowl has not increased its food prices during the lockdown, and it has not a put a charity box in front of the shop. Sajith’s vision is quality food and caring for community, which he believes will take care of the business growth. While it is helping him and his growing number of staff members to put the food on the table for their families, he wants a considerable percentage of Tiger Bowl’s profit to be shared with the community.

He believes earning loyalty is the best remedy for a successful business. Today, Tiger Bowl is rich with that loyal customer base, which is the driving force behind this achievement. Sajith is thankful to his staff members who put long, hard hours to deliver the best possible service during the tough times and beyond. Sajith hopes that his success will also encourage other businesses to give back to the community and strengthen our town.

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